Get Involved

Looking for creative ways to get involved in the work here in Niger?  Apart from leaving some comments on the blog, there's five categories of action you can take to have a hand in what's happening at Galmi.

Pray.  No, this isn't a cop-out option . . . the way I see it, my team and I couldn't make it here without prayer support from 'back home' (which, for our community, is literally around the globe).  Please be praying for us!

Network.  Know someone who might be interested in the work here at Galmi Hospital?  Spread the word. It takes all kinds to keep our hospital going.  We can use doctors of all specialties including 
optometrists, ophthalmologists, dentists . . . and we can use NON-doctors, such as contractors, masons, web-designers, electricians, tech-support guys, cooks for short-term trips, teachers, PT's and OT's, students on a gap-year, plumbers, welders, pastors . . . and even if a profession/hobby/skill set/area of service/whatever isn't listed, doesn't matter, we can use one.  And no one's asking for a lifetime commitment . . . give us 10 days . . . give us a month . . . give us a year or two . . . WHATEVER!  (Disclaimer: Short-termers have been known to come back again!)

Give.  Interested in financially supporting the work here, visit for information on contributions to my work directly (Deborah Berruti) or to Galmi Hospital in general.  Interested in donating goods such as (used, but in good condition) hospital equipment or (shameless therapy plug) splinting materials, contact the Hospital Director through

Want to blend networking with giving?  Organize a fundraiser.   Use your creative energies to put together an event or hold a campaign to contribute to a unique facet of our hospital.  Some ideas include:

  • A 24-hour fast for the CREN, our Nutritional Rehab Center for malnourished babies.
  • Race For Legs: a road race to help with start-up costs for the prosthetics clinic we are in desperate need of.
  • Ride For Wheels: a bike race to help supplement the fabrication costs of specialized wheelchairs.
As mentioned above, no one's asking you sign your life away, just get a Yellow Fever shot.  Sure you can get an idea of what is happening in Niger and what life is like here through my blog and others, but why not experience it first hand?  What are you waiting for?  Come.  See.  And serve.