06 April 2017

April is OT Month

When I was young(er) and my parents were pushing me to think ahead about a career path I had all sorts of ideas . . . for the most part, all of those dreams required some sort of natural tallent that I lacked or being independently wealthy.

For a while in high school I spent my Saturday mornings volunteering in a local hospital's Physical Therapy Department.  I'd pull oxygen tanks, fetch equipment, fill Hubbard tanks and whirlpools, help patients count their repetitions.  It was great . . . until one random Saturday when my life forever changed.

02 April 2017

April Fool's or Merry Christmas

I figured I should wait a day for this post, just incase anyone thought this story was my April Fool's prank of 2017.  I do love a good prank . . . I've managed to pull some really fantastic ones since being in Galmi, but this year . . . I don't know if it's the heat, or how much more energy cooking-for-two can take out of me, or if it's because I'm really just in denial that it's been four months since I posted anything on this blog . . . but I just wasn't into April Fool's this year.  

So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite April Fool's prank that was pulled on me, by a Nigerien, at Christmas.