09 July 2017

The Most Important Visit We've Ever Made

On a typical, business-as-usual day in early July 2013, I walked into the Bloc OpĂ©ratoire to help with the dressing changes of our burn patients.  As I pushed through the swinging doors which divide the Surgical Ward from the Operating Theaters,  I met a three year-old that would greatly influence the color and texture of my entire experience at Galmi Hospital.

F. was sent for treatment at our hospital from a centre about an hour and a half northeast of us.  She had already been an inpatient in that facility for five months, but half of her burns were still open, unable to heal.  While at Galmi, she underwent several skin grafts and endured repetitive surgeries to carefully cut through the scars that were developing around her eyes.  For a year she battled the heat, wearing a specially fabricated face mask to combat the scarring process.

Our efforts bore some success.  But not enough.  And now, four years later, in addition to bearing evidence of her wounds across her face, she is manifesting the reality of her emotional scars.

08 July 2017

L'Abeille Boutique

Since moving to Niger in 2011, I've fallen in love with west African wax prints & batiks.  Of course, being a native New Yorker, I still struggle to be covered from head-to-toe in vibrant colors and patterns, but when it comes to my sewing and crafting projects, I just can't get enough!

Now, I'm excited to announce that through the wonderful world of Etsy, I can help spread the fabric-love!  That's right, I've opened an Etsy Shop!

L'Abeille Boutique is now open and ready for business!  Just click here to head on over for a browse.  

Know an avid quilter or crafter?  Be sure to send them our way!

28 June 2017

Happy Birthday to my Hero

We all have a hero.

You know, those larger-than-life, amazing super-humans that change-the-world or save-the-day.  We hear a lot about celebrities or athletes, authors or activists.  Someone to aspire to be like . . . the ultimate achiever of our own personal goals.  You know, someone remarkable.

We all have a hero.

Even me.

My hero's name is Liz.  And today is her birthday.

06 April 2017

April is OT Month

When I was young(er) and my parents were pushing me to think ahead about a career path I had all sorts of ideas . . . for the most part, all of those dreams required some sort of natural tallent that I lacked or being independently wealthy.

For a while in high school I spent my Saturday mornings volunteering in a local hospital's Physical Therapy Department.  I'd pull oxygen tanks, fetch equipment, fill Hubbard tanks and whirlpools, help patients count their repetitions.  It was great . . . until one random Saturday when my life forever changed.

02 April 2017

April Fool's or Merry Christmas

I figured I should wait a day for this post, just incase anyone thought this story was my April Fool's prank of 2017.  I do love a good prank . . . I've managed to pull some really fantastic ones since being in Galmi, but this year . . . I don't know if it's the heat, or how much more energy cooking-for-two can take out of me, or if it's because I'm really just in denial that it's been four months since I posted anything on this blog . . . but I just wasn't into April Fool's this year.  

So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite April Fool's prank that was pulled on me, by a Nigerien, at Christmas.