04 August 2016

My Speech is the Impediment

We returned to Galmi a few days before July started.  At some moments it feels like we were never gone, at other points I have the sense that we just came back yesterday.

My first month back in the therapy gym was overloaded with referrals from visiting doctors who had heard that the OT would return and cases from B. that he felt were beyond his skill set.  So between playing catch-up on patients who are deserving-of-intervention-early-but-were-born-in-Niger and trying to remove the inches-of-dust-that-have-piled-up-because-of-differences-in-the-definition-of-clean and unpacking our finally-have-put-the-suitcases-away life I'm finding a moment to write a blog post.

But, some things never change and I've resigned myself to two facts:

  1. I love burn patients.  More than patients of other diagnostic categories.  I'm partial and I've picked favorites.  So there.
  2. My Hausa language capacity is so low that B. still considers my speech to be it's own dialect.