05 March 2015


I'm not sure if it's just me . . . or if it's cross-cultural living in general, but each day seems to be full of hiccups and speed bumps and continual changes-of-plans.

Today I was supposed to take a flight back to Galmi (an hour an a half-ish trip) after spending a week in the capital doing a workshop on facilitating trauma-healing support groups.  But the flight got delayed to later in the week which meant I was on the bus (a seven hour bumpy and exhausting trip).

So, when life hands you lemons, make . . . a photo essay.

As we bounded down the Great Sahel Highway, I watched the sunrise (buses pull out promptly at 5am) from my window seat and thought:  'Times like this I wish I had brought my camera!' and then I remembered that I had finally laid my iPhone 3 to rest and had upgraded . . . which means I could not only take photos but I was also finally able to get on board with social media (albeit a little late).Figuring I had seven hours (at least) ahead of me to read and stare out the window, I decided I would take advantage of the new cellular data capabilities of my cellphone service provider (they even get 3G in the capital now!!  We've hit the big-time!!) and post a little photo essay on Instagram in as-close-to-real-time-as-my-cell-signal-will-allow.

If you're an Instagram App user, do an in-app search for #goodmorningniger to see the photos.

If you're searching through their website, good luck!  Since I'm new to iPhone photography and the wonderful-world-of-Instagram, I can't figure out how to search, so the best I can offer is a link to my page where you can see the essay photos along with all the other ones I've taken in the past two months.  Click here.

If you're more tech savvy than I am, please leave some tips in the comments!

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