19 October 2014

The View from Here: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The rains have come and gone.  Which means it's time to harvest the millet and sorghum.   Took the new camera out for a stroll with a dear friend through the fields north of our property.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening . . . and our neighbors couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming.
In just a few weeks all this green will begin to die off.

Stalks of millet are transported from the fields.

This boy carried his 25L (6.6gallon) jerry can on his head for  nearly half an
hour before he stopped to take a break.

Filling jerry cans from a well.


In Niger, even the millet knows how to be patient.


Grinding millet at the local mill.

The woman on the left is carrying millet stalks on her head.

A new friend along the road.

This old man offered to give us a ride home on his motorcycle once he
dropped off his harvest at home.

During the harvest, everyone chips in to help, no matter how young . . .

. . . or old.

Pounding the millet grain off of the stalks.

My favorite photo of the day . . . this old woman came up and started flicking my camera until I agreed to take her photo.
And she made me promise several times that I'd come back and bring her a print as soon as I 'wash' the pictures.


Leah said...

These are great shots. I need to just be the photographer every once in a while and make that the event, or else I always feel self-conscious stealing photos here and there. In Bambara, the photos are "washed" as well, which I think is cool, harkening back to the good old days of real film.

Susie said...

Beautiful Deb, thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

These are beautiful, Deb. Makes your life come alive. My imagination is happy :)