30 April 2014

April is OT Month

April ends today.  So does Occupational Therapy Month.

I had big ideas and grand intentions to spend this month publishing wonderful posts about the worlds greatest profession, opening your eyes to the wealth of understanding that is summed in two little letters: O and T.

But I didn’t write them . . . not even one.  And now the month is over.

Sorry, OT, I dropped the ball.  

Maybe next year.

Next year I will explain to the world what it is that we do . . . and why it is an essential portion of the healing process . . .  and why we are an integral part of healthcare teams . . . and why the whole world needs our services.

Next year.

Yeah, next year I will offer links to valuable OT resources around the web, like so many other OT bloggers have done . . . and I will promote this life changing profession that builds and restores quality of life, meaningful participation, purposeful existence and functional independence.  Because that is what we are about: quality, meaning, purpose and function.  

Next year I will tell you about how we who practice Occupational Therapy believe that all humans have value, regardless of capabilities . . . and that physical, cognitive, psychological or socioeconomic limitations do not nullify the right to human worth.  

But it will have to wait until next year.  Because April is over . . . but then again, for our patients whose lives are changed by Occupational Therapy, every day is OT Day.