20 January 2014

An Apple a Day

The other day, my little pal, F., came back for a checkup [for the rest of her story, click here, here
and here].  I was able to complete the mask that would cover her entire face and forehead; as long as Granny keeps it pulled tight, we should be able to soften the scars that have already formed and prevent new ones over the areas of skin that have recently healed.

When we were all done, I treated her to a piece of candy and Granny to a shiny green apple.

'What on earth is it??' Granny asked as she twisted and turned the piece of fruit, inspecting it's skin.

'An apple,' I stated, using it's French name as I don't know what they are called in Hausa.

'A WHAT?!?!?' she asked.
'An apple,' I repeated.

'I don't understand you.  Where's B., he speaks Hausa!'

'It's an apple . . . you know, the fruit . . . you eat it.'

She tried to peel the skin off . . . then she tried breaking it in half.  Unsuccessful, she looked up at me as if I was as ridiculous as my gift.

'You just have to bite it,' I explained. 

Granny shot me a look that said 'You want me to put that in my mouth?!?'.

'Go ahead,' I insisted. 'Try it!'

F. reached out and snatched it from Granny and made it to her lips before Granny reclaimed her stolen present.  Not to be outdone by a four-year-old, Granny chomped into the apple.  

Slowly, she examined the white pulp inside.  It was clearly different from anything she had ever eaten before.  As she turned it again in her right hand, her left reached up to her mouth and grabbed the chewed bits of green skin which were then thrown on the ground.

'It's good, isn't it??' I asked.

Granny wasn't yet sold.

Using her thumbs, she tried again to crack it in half . . . much like how one tries to pull orange slices apart.

'Not like that!' a voice came from around the tree where Granny and F. were sitting.  We all looked up.  Another wrinkled Hausa woman began giving her the same instructions I had . . . just bite it.  Granny was still doubtful, but if another Hausa was saying so, my argument gained a little more credibility.

'I had an apple once,' the wrinkly one said.  'I liked it.  If you don't like, you can give it to me!'

Apparently that was all Granny needed in order to be swayed to enjoy it herself!

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