18 November 2013

My Gym Runneth Over

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want . . . my cup overflows, surely goodness and mercy will follow me and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23: 1, 5&6

PT-E. shows B. the ropes of SCI Rehab
Since my arrival in 2011, we've had several visiting Occupational & Physical Therapy practitioners and students.  It's always wonderful to have helping hands and moral support!  And this past week I had a small taste of a dream-come-true.

For three days, our gym was packed . . . it's often busy, but not like this!  For starters, our visiting orthopedic surgeon has come for a month, so our little department is even busier than usual . . . which means long hours and lots of therapeutic exercise. 

But there is a saying: many hands make light work . . . and last week we had many, MANY hands!
OT-J. helps one of our little people reuse his burned hand

I had left a patient running through some exercises on a treatment table in the gym as I leftt to grab something in my office.  Scurrying back, less than a minute later, I froze in the doorway.  

Three and a half therapists were hard at work!

PT-E. was busy teaching my assistant, B., how to evaluate a patient with a spinal cord injury . . . PT-S. was working with a young woman who suffers from chronic low back pain (in ARABIC, by the way!!) . . . and OT-J. was doing hand therapy with a little scalawag who recently had the burn contractures of his minuscule fingers released.

I stood there overwhelmed!

We had a gym FULL of therapists!

PT-S. works with a stroke patient
While I knew I had these three only for a few days, it was an amazing realization that all of the hours of dreaming and planning, toiling and scheming had finally produced abundant results!  For three days B. and I were no longer a department of One-and-a-Half!  We had a gymful! 

In February of 2011, we started with an empty oversized-closet . . . I still can't believe how far we've come in nearly three years!  

At times it was hard not to step on one another . . . human bumper-cars, really.  But it didn't matter.  Because there were five of us facilitating a return of function and quality of life . . . at the same time!  Five of us buzzing about patients desperate for hope, believing that healing is possible!  Five of us who know there is nothing we'd rather be doing!


Bethany said...

yay for you!! I smile (and rejoice!) as I read, my friend! =)

Robin said...

Wow, 'you've come a long way, baby!' How wonderful, How marvelous.....oxoxoxo

Rachel Wetherall said...

Amazing stuff. How I wish I could be there to join in the fun!