08 November 2013

Legs for Life

My dear friend E. is running a marathon on Sunday . . . in Malibu.

One of our [many] amputee patients hard at play . . . I mean, work.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Well, okay, so I don't typically use my blog to advertise the athletic participations or social calendars of my people at home . . . but this is different.  E. isn't racing for herself, she's running on behalf of those in Niger who can't.

E. is running to raise awareness and funds for the Galmi Hospital Prosthetics Clinic project.  Many of you write to me asking for ways you can participate in the work from afar or how you can donate towards the cause.  Well, here's a perfect way.

Help E. reach her goal and the clinic reach ours!  Every little bit helps!  [Give here]


elizabeth said...

marathon went great!! i finished in 4 hours. perfect weather and beautiful scenery.

thank you for giving me a great reason to run! we should reach our goal of $2620!

if anyone wants to still give to deborah's prosthetics clinic project, mail your check to:

P.O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241

****please include project number # NE-97540 (Galmi PT project) on your check.

praying for you, your clinic and all those who will be blessed through you.


Deb. said...