27 July 2013

Where the Magic Happens

We had a big inspection this week.  Like JACHO big . . . except, only smaller.  Much smaller.  The inspection team consisted of two African surgeons and a small representation of our administration and doctors.

They stopped by the therapy gym, mid-chaos, to say hello and get a front-row-seat to the show.  We chatted about the method-du-jour of prosthetics fabrication in resource poor areas and before I knew it, they were back out the door.

As an aside to the surgeon who had been most interested in my work, I muttered a quick 'Doctor, most believe the magic happens in the OR, but actually, it's right in here!'  He shot me a knowing smile, just as our Chief of Surgery fired back a witty 'Well, come tomorrow, we'll just have to see about that!'

It was a challenge and a promise that I couldn't wait to hold him to.

21 July 2013

The View from Here: Always a Bridesmaid

Here are some more pics of the wedding and festivities.

20 July 2013

Always a Bridesmaid: Hausa Style, Part III

The beauty of the human race is that there are certain threads that weave through all of us.  Despite color, creed or culture there are commonalities we share.  As women we are all mothers and daughters, sisters and friends.  We are the same at the core . . . but it is the texture of these relationships that sets us apart.

It is the delicate details of culture that define the fabric of these roles.  And B&E have been my tour guides through this journey of learning what friendship means in Hausa.

Always a Bridesmaid: Hausa Style, Part II

It's been three weeks since the wedding . . . and my allergic reaction to the henna is nearly gone.

The day before B&E got hitched, I spent the day with the Bride-To-Be and a hoard of her Nearest&Dearest.

For seven hours we lounged around in a sweaty room, waiting.  In the moment, I couldn't help but think of all the other things I could have been doing . . . but being there, with E. and her life-long friends was more important than I realized.  I had been invited into the inner circle where I was going to receive an important education.