12 April 2013


It's been a long time since I've found five minutes on a Friday to stop and write.  Sans editing.  Sans creating.  Just pure writing.

It's usually on Mondays that I realize my life whizzed past Five-Minute-Friday and I think to myself 'I'll get it next week.'  And well, here were are, months later.

So no more excuses.  Five minutes.  Ready.  Set.  Write.


It's been an interesting week with different Nigeriens asking me questions about my culture.  They know how they do things here, but don't understand why we outsiders have such trouble catching on.  We dialogued about the differences in how we do things there . . . in the land of Where-There-Is-No-Malaria . . . and the ways we think differently here vs there.

It made think about how I got here . . . the long Jonah-path that I desperately wanted to end anywhere else in the world.  But my road weaves through Galmi.  My journey has brought me here . . . to learn and change and grow.

There are no words to describe how difficult it is to relinquish one's culture . . . giving up things like Beiber-itis and McDonald's are the easy part (I don't like them anyway!).  It's the deep rooted world-view stuff that trips me up.  Like 'women are equal' and 'the closed door demarcates my space from yours' and 'they're just knees, people!!'

But I've come here . . . on my own volition . . . of my own sound mind (well, at least until hot season).  So if I'm going to stay here, I need to start taking on more of here and putting down more of there . . . and embrace what Jesus did when gave up His here of Heaven.


lisha epperson said...

I've always loved to travel and Africa is on my list of places to go. Burundi to be specific. I love how you related this word here to your work there and how the differences of culture and gender I suppose, present challenges that are not easily overcome. nice job. safe travels as you do His work...there.

Denise Oldham said...

Be blessed here, and there.

Linda Stoll said...

Fascinating ... so glad to have popped in!

Amy said...

Wonderful post !!! Thank you for sharing