18 March 2013

You Know It's Hot Season When

In the States we call it summer . . . in France, l'été . . . in Greece they say καλοκαίρι . . . and for the Japanese it's kyuuka.  But here in Niger it's lokacin zahi: Hot Season.

Before I moved my life to Niger, I knew it would be hot here.  But I wasn't really able to comprehend what 'Sahara Hot' means . . . until I experienced it firsthand. 

So, for those of you who call 'home' somewhere other than our little pocket of the world,  here's a little checklist to help you know for sure that Hot Season has arrived:
  • a well balanced diet consists of mango smoothies, iced coffee and ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution).
  • any side-of-the-bed you get out on is the wrong side.
  • you describe 105F/40C as a 'cooler' day.
  • Jell-o taken out of the fridge at 9pm has returned to it's liquid state by 10pm.
  • you say 'cranky', I say 'good mood'.
  • showering three or four times a day is normal.
  • dress-code for 'behind closed doors' is pretty much: clothing optional.
  • power cuts are as frequent as the calls to prayer.
  • butter melts at room temperature.
  • 'sweaty' is the new black.
  • everything's a little better after nap-time.
  • you can steep a cup of tea with tap-water.
  • when hanging laundry on the line, the first shirt is dry as the last one is being hung up.
  • you choose your seat in church based on the location of the overhead fans (even if that means you can't hear anything).
  • even the Nigeriens find a shady place to lay down and take a nap.


Barb said...

Yup! That pretty much sums it up! BUT . . . You left out the part about the . . . DEOCORANT!!! I seriously remember being on the prowl for more deodorant . . . or a recipe for the stuff homemade!!!

mamastouff said...

Deb, I would normally say I would rather be hot than cold...I may need a disclaimer like, New Jersey hot! I can only imagine it that hot but I bet you still share that great smile with your patients showing God's love with all!!

Lana said...

love this. Its called hot season in SE Asia too. Now I generally call summer in the states hot season too (I'm from the part where it gets well above 100 for days in July and August).

Sarkin Daji said...

When we were little Mom and Dad would draw out bath water ahead of time in hot season and let in cool in a bucket, 'cause otherwise it would be too hot to bathe in.