11 October 2012

Ten Eleven Twelve

Circa 1983
Today is October Eleventh.

And it's my brother's birthday.

Being two time zones away is the closest we've been in three years worth of birthdays.  So, since I can't be there when he blows out the candles, I thought I'd dedicate some ramblings his way.

Happy Birthday to Momma Berruti's Favorite Child.  (don't get too used to it, I will be reclaiming my title tomorrow!)

We've come along way from our Montauk camping days . . . you were my companion through childhood . . . I share that with no one else, nor would I want to.  But despite how the road bends, I am proud of you!

Your life is an example of loyalty . . . you are slow to give up on those who matter most to you.  Taking us at our worst and sticking by us anyway.

Thank you for being able to pick-up-where-we-left-off . . . despite the oceans between us.

I know the journey hasn't looked like either of us expected, but I pray that this next chapter will be full of joy and purpose.  That you would provide an example of perseverance for your children.  That you would demonstrate to them the richness of Christ-like character . . . and teach them that who they are is more important than how they perform.

I love you!

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