18 October 2012

Niger in the News: Hunger Brides

Niger leads the world with the highest rate of child-brides; 75% of girls are married before age 18, and one-third before age 15!  The ongoing food-crisis and never ending poverty only perpetuate families marrying off their young girls in search of dowries to help supplement income.

This photo essay was first published a few weeks ago, but thought you'd be interested.

Click here.


Michelle said...

Totally unrelated to this post, but just a quick note to encourage you that your work continues in your absence... Going by the shop the other day I saw a bunch of freshly finished crutches - they look great! Looking forward to meeting you at conference, since I'll be off to Danja by the time you get back to Galmi...

alison vendryes said...

Hi! also not related to this post, but I heard a speaker today at my school, Temple University. His name was Matt R ..something. He is a internist and works at your hospital, Galmi! He was speaking on missions which is something i desire to do. I'm studying physical therapy! I came upon your blog a few weeks ago and remembered you when he said he worked in Niger at Galmi! Thanks for all your blogs! Really eye opening and you do amazing work!

Grace and peace,