24 July 2012

Mechanical Problems

Air travel is always an adventure.  We should be lining up to taxi . . . but it'll be another two an a half hours before we even think about boarding.  Which means spending the night in a city where I know no one.  Eh, c'est la vie, right?!

Yesterday I was chatting with some friends about those small change-of-plans moments that happen in our lives.  You know, like when you forget a document at home, swing a U-turn, pick up what you forgot, and then drive past the accident you most-likely-would-have-been-in.

We all have stories like that.  It happens all the time.  Maybe it was someone you bumped in to . . . maybe it was a disaster averted . . . maybe it was something silly, like 'my plane was delayed, I'm going to miss my connecting flight, so the nice guy behind the counter just gave me a $50 voucher for my next flight with his company.'  Nice.

So, what's your story?  I'd love to hear it!

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Deb. said...

Okay, fine, I'll start . . . my flight has now been cancelled. Normally, since it's a mechanical issue, the airline would put us all up in a hotel. But tomorrow is apparently a VERY big day in the Albany area . . . something big with horse racing in Saratoga, something big happening at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and apparently tomorrow is the NY State Bar Exam . . . so the hotels are BOOKED. All of them. Even the most luxurious suits. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! RIEN!

But you know, it pays to speak kindly to the man behind the ticket counter. While most of my fellow passengers are sitting on the floor by the front entrance, I (along with a four other stranded voyagers) have been shown a semi-private art gallery where there were cots, pillows, and blankets waiting.

And, he's bumped me up to first class for at least one of the legs . . . if there's a cancelation tomorrow, it'll be for the whole trip.

And while I'm pretty sure the big-picture-purpose of these plan-changes isn't so that I'm comfy in the big seats, it's nice to know that sometimes things work out better than I expect.