15 May 2012



Something tells me that number is about to change my life.



That's right!  It's OFFICIAL!


I know what you're thinking: Uh, Deb., you're going on a year and a half . . . we've been suffering through your rollercoaster with you . . . hate to break it to ya, it's been official!

Well, kind of . . . but now, it's FOR-REAL OFFICIAL!  And that happy (not so) little number proves it!

I found out today that The-Powers-That-Be at SIM's International Office have (OFFICIALLY) approved of my (not so little) project!


I feel like I should throw a party or make a toast or something!  But, sorry Project NE-97540, all you get is a blog post.

So to all my loyal readers out there, scattered across the face of this beautiful planet we get to inhabit, let me take a moment an introduce you.

Tribe, this is NE-97540.  NE-97540, these are the people who care the most about you.

NE-97540, also known as, the Galmi Hospital Physical Therapy Department Project, is a dream that sits on the cusp of transforming into reality.

While over the past year and a half we've evolved an empty white-walled (small) room and some home-made crutches into a multi-service therapy department, we've only just begun!  From nothing to something in a matter of months is quite a feat . . . but from nothing to NE-97540 is YEARS worth of preparation, planning, hoping, praying, crying, laughing, sidewalk-chalking and bubble-blowing!

Starting in January, we hope to begin the training process to be able to fabricate PROSTHETIC LEGS from PVC pipe and rubber feet . . . on Galmi Hospital's property!  Currently, no one is doing this in Niger!

Within the first few years, we will construct an additional 5 rooms for the Ambulatory Care Unit which will be reserved for longer-term therapy patients, as well as revamp the structure of the entire ACU to begin providing more holistic patient- and family-education . . . focusing on living with a new disability (for our PT patients) as well as general health education, nutrition, sustainable gardening techniques, Bible teaching, etc.

Phases 3-5 will need to be approved at a later date, but they include: training local tailors to make burn compression garments (a NECESSITY in managing debilitating scar-enduced deformities); training local welders to build terrain-appropriate wheelchairs and hand-powered tricycles; and a vocational reeducation center for individuals with newly acquired disabilities!  

And while these are the big 'headliners' . . . they are only a fraction of the everyday work happening in the Therapy Department!  Right now, I am training one Therapist Assistant . . . in January, we hope to add two others, along with two or three who can train to be part-time prosthetists!  

Big things are a brewin', my friends!  BIG THINGS!

And they all start with NE-97540!

(Got any questions?  Feel free to ask below in the comments section . . . cause you're most likely not the only one wanting to know!)


Bobnrobn said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! for NE 97540, among things, ie, rain, albeit not that often,  that the LORD GOD has graciously provided......oxoxoxxoxo

Mamastouff said...

I'm speechless!!  His plan is unfolding in His time with you as an integral part! WOW!!

Rachel W said...

This is fantastic news, I am so happy for you and everyone involved. I have been following your blog from the start and have loved it, you are a real inspiration. God even used you to help me see that the 'vague feeling' I had was a real calling. I start my Masters programme in Occupational Therapy in January. Thanks in part to your story I took the plunge and spent three months in Uganda after graduation last year, pretending to be an OTA. I kept reading your blog whilst there and your posts were an inspiration and an encouragement in the hard times. Congratulations on all of your hard work. I look forward to reading the rest of the story and seeing what else God can do! Rachel. 

Amanda Hunt said...

 This is such great news. For some reason I didn't know or hadn't picked up that you were doing this or working towards it. When I was in Niger over 10 years ago now I did some drawings for someone. Later on I turned these into cards that I sold. Nowadays I have a RedBubble store and those four images are still in there. I haven't sold any yet BUT I will be marking these as ALL profits from the sale of those cards for this project. Feel free to promo those four cards only if you want to or if its appropriate. I will promo them myself. Here's the link to where they are, its the four pen and in watercolour ones: http://www.redbubble.com/people/kelu/collections/137568-around-the-world

Shal said...

WhooHoo!!! So proud of you Deb!

Elisabeth Barnett said...

That's wonderful. Well done Niger really needs prothèses. Elisabeth

Dhilstad said...

WAHOOOOOO!!!!! Did you hear me yelp all the way from Canada - Deb this is so awesome.  Our God is so AWESOME.   I have tears running down my cheeks, after seeing the lame first hand on the side of the road in Niamey I KNOW THERE  IS GREAT NEED, you WILL change your corner of the world.  Blessings on you as you move forward in this journey......remember you are not alone in that. 

Anne said...

God is so good!!! We are praising Him with you for NE-97540!!!

Deb. said...


Deb. said...

Wow, Rachel! I'm blown away. When I started this blog it was really just to keep my family, friends and supporters informed of my goings and comings. It has since turned into a bit more . . . and I am totally humbled by the way the Lord is using my ramblings to touch others.

Thank you for reading . . . but more than that, thank you for sharing! And all the best on your Masters! Keep me posted!

Deb. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I don't know what to say! THANK YOU! I went to the site to look at them . . . they are BEAUTIFUL! You are extremely talented!

Thank you so much for your support!

Deb. said...

Thanks! And yes . . . I could hear you all the way from Canada! : )

So the other night I went to a dinner and I met the CMA folks that you worked with! They are great! And are anxious for you to return.

§ said...

I am so proud of you !!!