22 May 2012

How Quickly I Forget

I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes it's good to get away.  And sometimes it's hard to come back again.

This morning I returned to Galmi from the capital.  I had gone for an appointment at the USEmbassy, and stayed for a few days of rest . . . which turned into a few more when I decided to stick around to meet a visiting OT at the airport.

Normally I'm ready to go back home after a few days in the 'big city'.  But this time, I didn't want to go.  I didn't want to particularly stay either; I just wasn't ready to go back.

We arrived, via the bus, at noon.  So after lunch, I took M-the-OT for a tour of the hospital.  Stopping, of course in the therapy office.

While I was showing her where all the important equipment is kept (ie, the bubbles and sidewalk-chalk) I heard the familiar click of our pint-sized walker rounding the corner.

'Who is tha---' I started to ask myself just as M-the-Boy's bandaged left leg kicked out in front of him.

M-the-Boy has circumferential full thickness burns from his mid-shin to mid-thigh on that side.  When I left he was fighting a bad infection that was delaying his skin graft.  He came to us several weeks after his burn, and his knee was already starting to contract in some flexion.

Being so afraid of the anticipation of pain, M-the-Boy refused to fully extend his knee when stepping, and when I left last week, was still only stepping on his toes when walking.

As he clicked his way past my office (stopping to wave, greet meet and M-the-OT, and flash us a gorgeous smile), I went and stood in the doorway to evaluate his gait.

'He'll be ready for crutches soon' I commented as I watched.

Slowly he made his way down the empty hallway, his heel only centimeters from the floor!

I wanted to jump up and down and cheer for him -- such progress!  But I decided it was best not to scare away M-the-OT on her first day.

His progress over the week was the encouragement I needed to remember how important my job is here in Galmi.  It's the little steps . . . the small bits of progress that seem to take forever, eventually arrive.

Now to remember this in the morning!


Shal said...

Your job is so very important! Keep encouraged, friend!!!

Lauren said...

God is good to give us these reminders!  God makes all things beautiful in His time!

Bobnrobn said...

Keep on truckin'......July cometh soon!  xoxoxoxo