27 May 2012

Fuel Smuggling in West Africa

Of the burn patients I see in Galmi, the number one cause of burns in males over the age of 16, is gasoline explosions . . . usually as a result of smuggling.  

The petrol is purchased, over our southern border, in Nigeria and then smuggled across to be sold here for a profit (which is still cheaper than at the gas stations).

The BBC has published a photo essay on the gasoline smuggling process . . . granted, they've focused on transportation via the sea . . . something we don't have.  But it's an interesting essay, nonetheless. 

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Dr J said...

Well Deb, It took me long enough to find your blog.  Stumbled across it while looking up missions for a friends daughter.  After glancing at a lot of your entries, I continue to be amazed at how much you are able to do -- and then get an official "department".  None of that surprises me after working with you last September!  Way to go!!  Hope your are there when we return in November.  Blessings, G and M Johnstone