30 March 2012

My Best Hausa

This morning my feisty LOL from the other day called me into her room as I was passing in the hallway. As I made a quick detour into her room, she began thanking me profusely for helping her walk again.  I told her 'No problem, tsohwa (old lady)!'  But she took my hand and just kept on.

So in my best Hausa I said: 'Tsohwa, I work for Jesus.  Really, no problem.'  She stared me.

I repeated myself, this time a little bit louder, as she is, after all, a Little Old Lady.  She blinked at me.

Third time's a charm!  I thought to myself, and said it again.

She patted my hand and said to me: 'Sorry.  I don't hear any Hausa!'

So much for trying!

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