05 March 2012

Meeting the Kwadda-Kwadda

*Due to security concerns, I cannot, at this time, disclose my current location . . . I'll just say it's not Galmi.  But don't get too homesick, I'll be back soon enough!*

When I first signed up with SIM, the intention was to go to a different hospital, in a different country.  A country where they spoke English and I already knew some people.  But after a bit of a Jonah-process in my life, God closed-and-opened many different doors . . . leaving the FINAL one unlocked . . . the one with 'GALMI' sign on it.

But back before all those door-closings, and I still thought I was going to that other country, I was in SouthAfrica, in a little tiny town in the Draakensburg Mountains spending time with orphans.  At that point, I had been there several times and knew the children well.

'Ahn-tee Deb. whin ah yew kuhming baack tuh see us uh-giin? they would ask with their sweet little accents.  And I would tell them that I didn't know, because I was moving to the other country to work there.  Their eyes would get big and they'd beg me not to go:
'But dey have du Kwadda-Kwadda dere!  Yew can NOT go dere.  The Kwadda-Kwadda are VERY dangerous!  No!  Yew can NOT go DERE!'
I was confused . . . I had never heard of the Kwadda-Kwadda before . . . I thought maybe it was the Xhosa name for a dangerous animal, like 'lion' or 'rhino' or 'endangered African grizzly'.  So I asked.

What are these DANGEROUS Kwadda-Kwadda? 

Turns out the kids were simply referring to any Africa not from SouthAfrica or her neighbors!

But now I'm here, in the land of the Kwadda-Kwadda . . . after all these years!  And while, yes, some are very dangerous, most are very kind!

And you know, in Kwadda-Kwadda country, there are TREES!  And grass!  And beautiful fruits and vegetables!

And guess what the Kwadda-Kwadda also have!!  HILLS!  And STREET LIGHTS!  And RED PEPPERS!  And FEDEX!  And GRASS!   And PALM TREES!  And BOULDERS!  And VW BUGS!!  And CHEESE PUFFS! And rumor has it, even SKITTLES!

And guess what else!  The Kwadda-Kwadda don't have DONKEYS!  Nor do they have CAMELS!

And in the land of the Kwadda-Kwadda it's cool . . . and they don't put ceiling fans in every room . . . and I have yet to see an air conditioner . . . and . . . well, you get the idea.

So you can understand why I'm struggling with a little bit of envy!  : )


your neighbor said...

not to mention internet access!!  don't for get my fanta black current if you see any!!

Bobnrobn said...

No, but the Kwadda=Kwadda have trouble getting along with each other in your current location that you cannot disclose and throw rocks, among things, and kill each other, etc., etc......so I am happy you will be leaving there soon, but really not soon enough now that I think about it.......xoxoxoxo

Kathryn said...

Let's move there!!

SM said...

Hope you are enjoying some time of rest with the cooler temps!