19 January 2012

Promises . . . Galmi Style

One of the worst parts of living in Galmi is that our compound has a revolving door.  In my first year here, we've had over 100 'short term' folks come, help, and leave.  ONE HUNDRED!  That's a lot of hellos and goodbyes.

Today, our friend, SwissA, left.

Saying goodbye is a way of life here . . . but it doesn't really get easier.

To ease our grief with the departure of yet another who shares our experiences in this crazy corner of the world, Cool-J and I ate chocolate.

I never thought anything could trump PeanutButter M&Ms . . . until I was given some DarkChocolate and Raspberry DovePromises.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  Stop what you're doing, right now and go out and hunt some down . . . oh wait, you're reading my blog post . . . never mind . . . FINISH READING, then go and buy some.  You will never be the same.

So Cool-J and I sat, sipping coffee and savoring DovePromises.

'Enjoy the childhood joys of winter,' Cool-J read aloud.

'WHAT?!?!' she cried out.  'WINTER?!?!  I HATE YOU DOVE!'

Just as she was starting to feel better about our friend leaving, the failed-greeting-card-writers at the DoveChocolate headquarters dashed her down to the pit of despair.

'I think they meant cold season' I offered, trying to console her.  I grabbed a sharpie and crossed out 'winter' and wrote in 'cold season.'
Enjoy the childhood joys of winter. cold season.
OOOH!  That was fun!  So we kept going:
Satisfy your sense of surprise . . . when there's a mouse in the house or a roach in your shoe.
Catch snow dust flakes on in your tongue lungs.
Feel free to be yourself . . . as long as your legs and head are covered. 
Sleep in late tomorrow . . . but don't expect a shower because Ousman will be watering the plants. 
Satisfy your sense of surprise . . . all night, on the toilet, after an evening of spicy Nigerien food and unfiltered water. (story here)
Chocolate won't let you down . . . it clings to your hips (until Hot Season at least).
The fastest way to my heart is chocolate . . . or diet coke, or care packages, or ice cream, or anything that says 'just add water and stir.'
Indulge your sense of enjoyment . . . with milk powder, onions, and nescafé.
Sleep late tomorrow . . . unless you're on call; or the birds dance on your roof; or it's just way too hot, even to sleep.


Shal said...

Hysterical! I am definitely doing this next time we buy Dove!

Bobnrobn said...

I'm on my way out the door to buy Dove Dark with Rasberry; I'll finish reading later while I indulge my sense of enjoyment and have the chocolate 'cling to my hips.'  I'll have to return to Niger during hot season to have it uncling!  xoxoxoxo

Amanda Hunt said...

Ha ha, you're such a crack up. I'd love to visit Galmi again and meet you one day. Love it! I'm not sure we can get Dove promises here in Australia.

Beth said...

Loved this one! Way to find a laugh even in the hard times, Deb & Cool-J

Deb. said...

I hope you bought two bags . . . I'd hate for you to pull a Michael and eat one bag yourself and then 'split' the second one with me! :)

Deb. said...

I'm just sad we only thought to do this at the END of the bag!