22 January 2012

Niger in the News

Interesting article on the food crisis in Niger and the ongoing conflict in the northern region of our southern neighbors.

Click here to read it straight from the BBC.


Gadamsnls said...

Hi Deb
I am A Respiratory Therapist and have been looking/praying for short term mission trips, Could I be used?   Thanks Gary Adams   email gadamsnls@aol.com

Linda Thomas said...

Hi, Deb, I'm going to mention this in a blog post in a couple of days. My heart is heavy.


Deb. said...

Thanks Linda!

Deb. said...

Hi Gary. So excited about your interest. I think for years most health care professionals thought 'Medical Missions' was only for doctors and nurses. NOT ANY MORE! You could DEFINITELY be used, particularly in a teaching/mentoring capacity . . . working alongside national nurses to to help improve quality of care. This always sounds WAY more intimidating that it is . . . but by 'teaching' I'm not referring to giving lectures in a university . . . simply working closely with one or two local nurses who are wanting to learn what you bring to the team!

Shal said...

How can we help, Deb?