13 January 2012

I'll Be Ready

Yesterday I was working with a guy who shares a room with three other patients.  Each of the four has a caregiver who sleeps on a mat on the floor at the base of the patient's bed.  It makes for a crowded treatment session, but after a year, I'm getting used to it.

As I was helping my patient sit up in bed when suddenly there was some background music.  It was a ringtone coming from the brother of the man staying in the bed across from my patient.  It took him a few runs through to find where he had put his phone, so I had enough time to recognize the tune.

I knew the tune, but couldn't place it.  I began humming it to myself.  And that's when it hit me!

It was the theme song from Baywatch!  HA!


Bobnrobn said...

and we think, 'only in Amereeeeka!'

Joyful said...

LOL. that's so interesting. It's hard to imagine they know of Baywatch there.

Chcpe said...

Baywatch...classic stuff right there!

Deb. said...

Oh I was shocked when I arrived! Many of our hospital employees have electricity and therefore have TV's! Then when they come to my house, you can imagine their surprise when they come to my house and I DON'T have one! :)