20 January 2012

Flash. Mob.

We all have a Bucket List.  Mine is decently long.  But I confess, sometimes I add things after I've already done them, because I'm not actually creative enough to come up with interesting and adventurous Must-Do-Before-I-Kick-It's.

But one thing that has been on The List since I first discovered it, was to dance in FlashMob.

And so, that's just what I did.

Now, before your imagination goes too wild, for those of you spend no time on YouTube and who have no idea what a FlashMob is, let me explain.

A Flash Mob is when a large group (the 'mob') gathers in a public place and pretends to be just normally participating in the same thing as everyone else (like shoppers wandering a mall or tourists at the Eiffel Tower or commuters in Grand Central Station).  When all of a sudden, something starts to happen (the 'flash').  Sometimes the mob simultaneously freezes . . . they stand in place as if time has stopped.  With others FlashMobs, one person will 'spontaneously' begin to sing or dance as others 'randomly' join in.

But I assure you, there's nothing spontaneous or random about it!  These routines have been carefully organized and thoroughly rehearsed.

At least, the ones that make it to YouTube are!

But here at Galmi, we do things a little bit . . . um . . . what's the world . . . disorganized . . . no that's not it . . . not-well-thought-through . . . no, that's not it either . . . SPONTANEOUS!

Two weeks ago, when all of SIMNiger was in the capital for our annual conference, late one night (when most of the creative magic happens), my friend Cool-J asked me to show her some of my fab Bollywood dance moves.

Since it was dark and I didn't think anyone else would see, I let loose a little and wowed her and two of our other friends with my stellar moves . . . well, at least they would have been wowed had they not been laughing hysterically at me.

'Those would make AWESOME FlashMob moves!' Cool-J said.

'I've ALWAYS wanted to be in a FlashMob!' I said.

'Let's do it!' she insisted.

Most people make the wrong assumption that I enjoy being up in front of people . . . or that I like making a fool of myself before a large audience . . . I guess it's because it happens so frequently (at least the making-a-fool-of-myself part).

But I dug in my heels and refused.

No way was going to dance in front of two hundred and fifty-ish people.

Unfortunately, I was out numbered.

The plan was to organize a group of women to join us . . . we were hoping for 20 . . . run through a few simple moves and then in the midst of the Saturday evening program, execute and deliver . . . it was now 11 o'clock Friday night . . . we certainly did not have time on our hands.

As we talked through the list of women we would ask to join us in our a-last-minute spontaneous if-we-don't-pull-this-off-exactly-we'll-look-like-fools dance, I became discouraged and incredibly doubtful.  But before I knew it, I had I swallowed my pride and found myself in front of a microphone explaining our 'genius' plan to a room full of skeptical women.

The plan was to meet in a secret location for half an hour to learn the (simple-only-if-you're-coordinatively-inclined) steps.

I prayed for a miracle and hoped for 20.

But missionary women never cease to shock and amaze me!  We had over double what I was expecting!

Being an OT, and therefore the resident expert in giving oral instructions on movement and body positioning, I was assigned the task of teaching the routine.  (Oh to have been a fly on the wall!)

And the ladies did great!

We practiced a few times without then with the music (Jai Ho, the theme song from Slumdog Millionarie) and then we were off . . . hoping they would all show up in the end.

When the time came, the music started.  Cool-J and nôtre amie E. started us off . . . after 8 beats I joined in with the retired wife of our conference speaker.  We were in the front row on the left side . . . so other than Cool-J and E., there was no way to know if anyone else was with us.

It wasn't until we reached the middle point when we all moved to the aisle, did I find we were not, in fact, alone.

No . . . all those who had practiced with us, danced with us . . . and even some who didn't!  We were truly a mob!

We managed to get women dancing who would never have dreamed of participating.  We had all demographics, all types.  We would each forever be a part of the SIMNiger-Conference-FlashMob-Sisterhood.

What can I say??  That's how we roll in Galmi!


Bobnrobn said...

Did anyone take any photos????

Linda Thomas said...

I hope you got photos or even better, some video tape. This needs to go on YouTube!


Chcpe said...

Need video...youtube...this will be BIG! Slumdog flash mobs all over the world. Coming to you from Niger. The possibilities are endless; the outcomes...who knows? I'm in, the flash mob is on my bucket list also. Olivia is growing like a weed...she will be in on the mob scene soon! C

Shal said...

I have to see these fab Bollywood moves of yours!!!

Amanda Hunt said...

That is brilliant and I am trying hard to picture all those missio's that we knew in Niger joining in. Very cool! But, did you video it?

Deb. said...

We did have someone videoing, and she was going to post it on YouTube, but I never heard what happened with it.

And if you can believe it, nearly every female 'big name' of SIMNiger was present and account for and swinging her hips!!

Deb. said...

As long as you are aware that you will wet your pants with laughter!

Deb. said...

Awesome! Next time I'm back in the US, let O. know that AuntieDeb. is going to teach her some moves!

Deb. said...

Cameras were going like crazy . . . and there was a bit of video . . . unfortunately, I haven't seen any of them yet.

Sarah Fountain said...

So, other than Slumdog, what are your favorite Bollywood movies for source material?  I'm a bit (haha) of a Shahrukh Khan fan, myself, so I go for "Maahi Ve" from Kal Ho Naa Ho, and almost anything from "Deewangi Deewangi" in Om Shanti Om.

Nancy Hall DeValve said...

It was a blast!  Maka J. has some of the footage and is going to try to post some from the USA when she gets there since the upload speed will be so much better.

Deb. said...

SSSSSHHHH NANCY!!! I don't want anyone to know that there is ACTUALLY footage available!!! :)