04 September 2011

THE Wedding

Any of you who have been in Galmi for any period of time in the past three years have been waiting (and asking) to see photos from THIS wedding.  I know many of you wished you could have been here . . . and I hope you're not too disappointed with the pics.  The church was PACKED and DARK so it was very difficult to get any good shots.

After the groom's family danced in, the bride's family followed suit.  The couple were left on a big goldenrod plush couch at the front of the church.  The choirs sang . . . a lot.  One of the women's choirs sang a song of advice . . . something about learning to be patient or else you'll have to put your bags on your head (complete with motions that included purses being placed on their heads), and the youth choir sang a goodbye song (literally: 'Bye bye Sani . . . bye bye you . . . bye bye Saratu . . . bye bye you').  It was great!!
After two hours the singing was still going on . . . but I had to leave to go home to pick up cake for the reception so I wasn't there for their vows, but by the time I got back an hour later, the ceremony was still going on . . . funny thing was, half of the church was now empty and everyone was outside talking.  Guess it was just too hot inside the packed church for most people to make it three hours.

The reception was held at a site that will be a guesthouse for the church denomination in the future . . . by the time I got there most people had eaten and were starting to leave, even before the couple arrived.  After an hour I left.  The bride and groom still hadn't arrived.

The very extended family of the groom gets
ready to enter the church.

Bridesmaids waiting to enter the church.  They
each carry bowls of confetti or spray bottles of

The bride enters the church with her maid of honor and all of her extended
The bride greets friends after the ceremony.

The happy couple, best man and maid of honor.

The 'parents' of the bride.

Guests waiting for the ceremony to end outside the church.

The official post-wedding drummers.

Guests eat while waiting for the bride and groom at the reception.

Kids at the reception.

Women leaving at the reception.
(Notice the red flower rings on  the blue dress . . . fancy!)

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Mary Ann & David Hughes said...

Thanks so much for the great photos and description of the wedding.  Each culture is so different--and interesting!!  Love you.  Praying for you.  Love, MaryAnn Hughes