11 September 2011

In Real Life

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In Real Life

Yesterday I found myself in a really grouchy place.  I was tired of the heat.  7 months of summer sounds appealing, until you're living it!  I was sad that on Facebook I had read updates about the impendingness of autumn, and it made me cranky.

Then I thought, 'if this were my real life, what would I be doing on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon?'  And immediately ideas came flooding: drive 45 minutes to the Atlantic and spend the day on the beach.  Go to Fairmount Park and play frisbee in Philly.  Take the train up to NYC and get lost for the day . . . .'

It made me miss my 'real life'.

But as I've been reflecting on all of this, particularly my attitude, I'm struck over and over, that this is my REAL LIFE.  In my REAL LIFE I do live in a 12km-diameter little world.  And I don't have a car.  And it is hot all the time.  And I do wear skirts to work.  And I do have to speak in three languages.  And my patients are some of the poorest people in the world.  And my days are brightened by big shining smiles everyday.  And I did have a choice about coming here.

And this life is what I chose my 'real life' to be.  My 'real life' was something different.  But now my 'real life' has a funny accent, and a funny smell, and wears funny clothes, and feels very claustrophobic . . . but it is my 'real life' -- now.


Anagalyarteag50 said...

your ¨real life¨seems more realistic to what God expects from us. Your ¨real life¨makes me wonder how can I live in my comfortable ¨real life¨in Los Angeles, when I could be somewhere else, helping people.  I think God loves the ¨real life¨you are living for him now rather than the ¨fake and happy life¨we so desperatly want to live in sometimes.

Seth Monty said...

your current "real Life" sounds awesome.

Deb. said...

Most days!

Hey, when are you coming?? I need help!