07 September 2011

Gross Meets Normal

So I just had a horrifying experience.  As I laid in bed ready to sink into a coma, safely tucked under my mosquito net, I realized that I had forgotten to wash my feet!  That's 17 hours worth of yuck on my sheets!

But you know what bothered me: I considered just going to sleep anyway.

WHAT?!?!?  I KNOW!!! RIGHT!!!!  GROSS!!!!  

But it's true!!  I almost didn't get up!  I was tired . . . I wanted to sleep . . . and dirty feet are just a normal part of life here.

Oh, not to worry . . . I did get up . . . and my feet are clean . . . now.

But it made me start to think about what other things have slowly creeped into my 'normal' box . . . and my brian wouldn't turn off, so I decided to write about it.

  • The ceiling fan in my bedroom no longer sounds like the TGV is running through my house.
  • Sweaty is the new black . . . and boy do I wear it well!
  • I kill bugs with my bare hands (but only the non-squishy kind).
  • Cheese is no longer a part of everyday life (sad, but true).
  • Rainy days are to be celebrated.
  • Plaster and wooden crutches are my new best friends.
  • There can never be too many onions.
  • My world is 12km in diameter.
  • Car accidents < donkey cart crashes.
  • With enough sugar, Nescaf√© can be swallowed.
  • OralRehydrationSolution is one of the five major food groups.
  • Snake and Camel Bites are OT-worthy diagnoses. 
  • Language is helpful, but not always necessary.
  • There really can be too much 'summer'.
  • 'Going out to eat' means attending a Saturday morning Baby Naming Ceremony 


P & K said...

Ha ha! But I don't think I would have gotten up either. You forgot to mention that getting up means undoing and getting out of the mozzie net, putting shoes on in case of scorpions, etc, etc.

More Normals from our West Africa: 
~ 35+ 20L oil bottles carried on ONE tiny moped.
~ Cows tied n top of traveling minibuses
~ 50 or so live chickens tied to the front of a bicycle
~  Asking one's self 'What is a haircare product ?'
~ If sweat is the new black, then old is the new sweat: wearing the same clothes 3 days in a row. Ooops! You don't do that one, do you Deb?
~ Finding that the "3-second Rule" for food dropped on the floor applies in West Africa. Yes indeed  it does. Truly!
~ Finding myself saying, "Yes, this taxi CAN fit ten people, no worries. Jump right in!"
~ Not only having mega hairy legs, but also not caring about it enough to do any thing to remedy the prickly situation.

There's more but someone said that's enough.

Deb. said...

HA HA HA!!! I'm wetting my pants with laughter!!! How would you like to guest-post?