07 September 2011

Get Up and Walk

Jesus said that once.  To a lame man.  And immediately he stood up and walked.  I'd like to think he actually jumped around and skipped and hopped like a little kid, with a shout of 'HALLELUJAH!' as he clicked his heals.  But, unfortunately the Bible leaves out all those minor details.

Well, I can't heal the lame, but I do get to give them crutches.

We currently have a visiting Orthopedic Surgeon here for a month . . . which means that in two weeks I've already given out nearly 30 pairs of crutches.  But the best pair, I gave them today.

83 centimeters high . . . thats 32 and a half inches tall . . . 2.7 feet.  Little, n'est pas?!?!

All smiles (mostly) playing animal dominos while increasing standing
tolerance, balance, and overall cuteness.
Right now I am working with three fantastic little kiddos.  They are all waiting for the same surgery: a knee flexion contracture release.  All three suffered from full thickness burns months ago.  They haven't walked since.  The stipulation for having their surgeries is that each has to be able to 'walk' with crutches or a walker before the scheduled date of the operation. 

N., H., and Yaro ('boy', which is what I call him since I can't pronounce his name correctly) have been working hard.

The biggest challenge was that I only had one kiddo-sized walker, and no tiny crutches.  The walker has to stay with me in the end, and it was too tall for tiny N., so we had to go with Plan B: custom-made ambulatory aides.  

The kiddos follow a chalk line on the floor that weaves around my office.
I recruited the help of my regular crutch-maker, and started with tiny N.'s walker.  Within two days she was up from her squatting position . . . balance was a bit shaky, but she figured it out.  Yesterday Yaro got his crutches, and today it was H.'s turn.  

These kids are amazing.  We've been working on balance, strengthening of the non-contracted leg, and endurance . . . oh yeah, and bubble blowing!  They can't get to my office fast enough and I practically have to throw them out when we're done.  I blame it on the bubbles.

Our audience.

Showing off their new ambulation aides.


Bobnrobn said...

More bubbles on the way courtesy of  'shower' ladies (well whenever the container is scheduled to go)!!

Mamastouff said...

WOW! Something we take for granted...my niece had a dog bite on her foot, causing pain to walk on it so I loaned her crutches(several pair in basement from family injuries) without even thinking. I feel like I can hear you cheering them on, laughing and smiling!!

Barb said...

Hard to increase that "overall cuteness!!!"  Adorable.  Thanks for all you are doing here!  :) BARB

Bethany Reamer said...

absolutely adorable!... sweet, sweet little kids. amazing what you are doing over there to change people's lives.  i praise God for that... proud of you, friend!

Kari said...

Wow, Deb.  What incredible work you're doing!  And what creativity you employ!  You're amazing, friend!