06 September 2011

Confessions of a Thankless Advancer

I love reading blogs written by other people.  On one hand it reminds me that real people live outside of Galmi . . . and some days, I admit, I need a mental holiday, just to 'get away' for a few hours.  One of the blogs I follow is about learning to become a better writer.  Most of the time, I find GW's tips translate well into many areas of life.  His post today reminded me that I've been procrastinating all day.

You see, I'm going through another round of culture shock (these 'phases' seem to be falling much closer together than I'd like).  And today I found myself frustrated, cranky, irritated and well on my way to becoming straight up angry with certain aspects of my new cultural-surroundings.

Thankfully today was also my day to pray with MyMentor . . . and it helped . . . well, for long enough to cross the dirt path that separates our houses.  By the time I was through my front door, I was stewing again.  

For a moment, the HolySpirit gently whispered, 'you know, you've got a lot to be thankful for!'  I agreed.  And then laid down to take a nap.

The rest of the day passed without another thought to the need to outwardly express my thankfulness . . . and the stewing nearly reached a boiling point.

But reading GW's post just now, I was reminded of my conversation with MyMentor . . . we talked about how so many of the struggles faced by the women and children of Niger directly stems from a lack of education.  And I'm not just referring to 'higher' education . . . I'm talking Pre-K, Kindergarten and those first couple of grades!!  She reminded me that in the world we come from 'We take [education] for granted, it's like our skin, we don't even realize it's there.'

I work everyday with kiddos that will never learn to read or even write their own names . . . yet, I still neglect to say 'THANK YOU, LORD!' for the invaluable gift of education.  For the facilitation of the development of logic.

What jumped out at me while I was reading GW's post was this: 'You have a lot to be grateful for — a computer, a house, supporting friends and family, opportunity to advance yourself in life, and so on' (emphasis, mine).  How is it that I find it so easy to forget?  How is it, that surrounded by poverty in a place seemingly void of opportunity, I simply neglect to be grateful?

So, without further ado:
THANK YOU, LORD! (and this time, I mean it!)

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