16 September 2011


We had a helicopter land on our airstrip today.  It's not the first time ever . . . but it's been a LONG time since the last one landed.  As cool as it was to see the chopper itself, the best part was the kids . . . the small ones and the and the big 'grown up' kind.  It was like Christmas morning: awe, wonder and sheer delight.

While we in the West don't all have our own private aircraft sitting in the driveway, we are familiar with helicopters . . . what they look like, how they work.  But here in Galmi, it's as novel as it gets.  On the far side of the airstrip were dozens of village kids, waving and cheering.  On this side of the fence were the guys that work in the shop, giggling and ogling as if a pretty girl had just walked by.

I wish I had known that I was running back to my house at the same time the chopper was getting ready to take off . . . if I had, I would have stopped for my camera.  But thankfully a SIMAir plane was arriving about 5 minutes after they left, so you can get an idea (on a much smaller scale) of the audience the aircraft brought in.
This crowd was doubled when the chopper came in.
There are millet fields between our compound and the next village.

Local kids love to come look at the planes.

We get lots of smiles and waves.

Nigerien public school starts up again in October, but there's no
guarantee that will thin out our audience

Moms even come from the CREN,
our pediatric nutritional rehab center.

Many of the men and women who work on the
compound come to watch too.

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Kathryn said...

Hey, I have an outfit in the same material as that lady in last pic! Good taste!