09 August 2011

Unexpected Smiles

It's been a day . . . a week, actually . . . and it's only Tuesday.

I'll spare you the details and just skip ahead to the best part so far.

So this afternoon I had a scheduled outpatient . . . but by the time I got to my office I had another four patients waiting at the door.  My regularly scheduled appointment was the only one who could speak French . . . so you can imagine the chaos and near disaster that scenario was.
In the midst of juggling patients and languages, the mom of one my really cute kiddos walked into my office shadowed by the kiddo herself.  I greeted them and then got back to the circus.  Next thing I knew, Momma was nowhere to be found.

I turned to my Kiddo, 'Ina mama?' (Where's your mom?)  Unfortunately my Hausa vocabulary wasn't sufficient to understand her response.

'She's praying,' my French-speaking outpatient told me.

That's right, Momma had left Kiddo with me while she went to say her afternoon Rama∂an prayers.  At first I thought 'What in the world?!?  Right NOW . . . REALLY?!?!  Great!  Now I'm a babysitter??'

But as I looked down at Kiddo she flashed me a big fronttooth-less smile, and all my irritation and frustration from the day melted away.  I picked her up and put her on my swivel desk chair and set her up with some wooden blocks to play with.  She silently entertained herself until I was able to empty out my office about half an hour later . . . and the whole time, she was nothing but smiles.

These are the moments that make all the difference!


Mamastouff said...

Smiles are the same in any language...I can only imagine what it will look like when I see His smile!!

Shal said...

I'm so impressed it only took you a half an hour to clear the office! I don't think I could have done that even without the double language barrier. :)

Chip said...

If you smile...they will smile...keep smiling. Love to read your posts.

Deb. said...


Deb. said...

I hear it's the same way with baseball diamonds. Thanks for reading!