01 August 2011


Five Minute Friday . . . a few days late.

I'm still in Africa.

I left Galmi on Thursday for a few days of rest in Niamey . . . the 'big' city . . . but I'm still in west Africa.

I had to chuckle to myself this afternoon as I was walking down the dirt street of the quartier where the president used to live.  Apparently it's a pretty well-to-do area.  Which is why I had to chuckle.  You see, as I turned the corner, off the main tar road, a shepherd crossed the street with his herd of cows, goats and sheep.

For 10 minutes I followed the herd, heading to my friend C.'s house.  It's been a long time since I've been that close to a cow grazing the streets of a capital city.  The last time would have to have been 2001 when I was in New Delhi.

As I chuckled to myself, saying 'Yup, still in Niger!' the little shepherd greeted me in Hausa and asked if I wanted to buy one of his cows.  When I told him I didn't need one, he offered a beefier one.  I started to laugh.  This went on until he ran out of bigger, stronger-looking cows.

I admit I was a little tempted to counter offer with a demand for a few sheep thrown in but figured the logistics of getting them all back to Galmi might be more of a headache than I wanted.


Leah Long said...

Haaa!!!! I love his self-assuredness...why WOULDN'T this woman following his herd be interested in buying his best cow? 

Mamastouff said...

I was impressed when you said you responed to him...you must be doing well with Hausa or you could have been going home with the whole herd!!!

Shal said...

But just think, if you got them back to Galmi, you wouldn't have to buy garden fertilizer anymore...

Deb. said...

I know, right!!!

And a friend sent me an email reminding me that getting him to Galmi would actually be the easy part! The other day I saw some guys packing a bush taxi and they had three live goats jammed under the back seat! Hope they don't get car sick!

Deb. said...


Deb. said...

HA!!! SO TRUE!! Next time!