21 August 2011


Five Minute Friday . . . okay, so it's Sunday night here.  And I'm just now getting around to this.

So here's how this works: TheGypsyMama gives us a topic, I set a timer for 5 minutes, and write whatever comes to mind, without editing, without tweaking, without trying to make it perfect.  The trick is keeping it five minutes.  Here goes.



Five minutes isn't going to be enough.  'New' basically sums up my life, hey?!?!.  If you've been reading for any length of time . . . or even if you're new (no pun intended), I'm sure by now you've picked up that my last two years (at least) have been submerged in 'new'.

New countries.  New languages.  New cultures.  New friends.  New home.  New work.  New . . . new . . . new. . . new . . . new!!!

'New' is fun and exciting.  At first.

Until the fun stops being new and the excitement wears off.  Then 'new' gets old . . . and irritating . . . and sometimes frustrating.

Then the culture shock passes and 'new' becomes new again.

And with enough time, you wake up one morning and what was 'new' isn't so fresh and raw.  Instead, 'new' has become normal . . . and you never really know how you got there . . . you never realize the scenery has changed.  It's like when fall becomes winter . . . there is an acute awareness when the leaves are changing . . . but one day you realize they've all fallen off their branches while you slept. 

'New' was gone without even realizing it.


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Hannah Ruth Morrison said...

Hey Deborah!

Cool post!  I grew up as an MK in China, just finished high school, and now am in India for three months.   My first time to a completely new culture with a completely new language!  I didn't really have much culture shock, coming from China.  But still, it's different.  New.  And new things to see, hear, taste, do.  :)  So I have an idea of where you are coming from.  I've been here over a month now.  And already some of the new is not new.  Especially the frustrations that I've faced while I've been here.  They are getting old.  But like I wrote about in my 5-minute post just now, I an going to choose a new perspective to look at these old frustrations.  And I'm going to see for the first time the new blessings I've been too busy to notice.  :)  Hope Africa is awesome for you!  :)  Jeremiah 33:3

Hannah (恩妍)