22 August 2011


As I was leaving the hospital today, there was an old Fulani woman on the back steps next to me with a baby tied on her back.  Which is nothing out of the ordinary here.  What made me stop and take notice was that the baby was only a few days old.

'Akwai jariri!' (There's a baby!) I said to her.
'Akwai Debo' she responded with a smile.
My eyes widened in surprise.  Now, it's not uncommon for patients I'm not treating or their family members to learn my name . . . but it's always 'Déborah' . . . it's only certain staff that call me 'Debo'. 

And then I remembered . . . in the Fulfulde language 'debo' means 'girl'.


Mosieposy said...

Hi Deb, language learning can definitely be an adventure, I have a friend teaching me a teeny tiny bit of Japanese (so far I know how to say "hi" and "strong coffee", very important phrases)...and I ran across this video and found out that I've been going about language learning the wrong way. What do you think?? :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsTPyLzceFg&feature=related

Deb. said...

Unfortunately our bandwidth isn't high enough to watch video until the middle of the night . . . I'll have to save this one for the weekend. Thanks for the link in advance, though!