11 August 2011

And Thus Starts Earwig Season

This morning I made myself a nice tall glass of iced coffee.  It was yummy . . . well, at least the first few sips were.
Now, I’ve eaten some weird stuff in my life.  Giant ants, pirana eyeballs, kangaroo, horse, and snails (twice) . . . just to mention a few.  
What’s all that got to with my iced coffee this morning??  I’m getting to it.
As I took a swig, I felt something chunky in my mouth . . . but you should know, here in Galmi our milk comes powdered . . . in cans . . . so sometimes when reconstituting the milk it ends up still a little lumpy.  For those of us with texture issues, it can be a bit gross feeling, but after a while you learn to chew while you drink.  
So, as usual, when I felt a little chunk, I bit down to break up the little clump of milk powder. 
But instead of that creamy taste I know and love, it was sharp and bitter and stabbing.  It tasted like someone had sprayed insecticide in my mouth!!
I immediately spit the little lump out, only to find it was an EARWIG!!  You know, one of those bite-size (no pun intended) insects with a little lobster claw on his butt.  He must have been making a home in my kitchen cabinet when he fell into my glass, and since I made my coffee without the lights on, I didn’t notice him.
That is, until I bit him in two.


Orest Pelech said...

If that was my pet earwig you are in big doo doo lady.

Mary B said...

Oh holy Lord, Deb.  Oh holy Lord.  

Mamastouff said...

Makes me shudder!! Yuck!!

Deb. said...

Well, this one was wearing a collar with a tag that said: Fluffy, 35 Convalescence Center Drive, Galmi . . . that's not him, is it???

Deb. said...

HA HA HA!! Gross, I know, right!?!?! I heard they don't earwigs in Provence . . . I think I'm moving! :)

Chip said...

I love earwigs in the morning...in my oatmeal. Hope you are well. 

Joyce said...

Been there, done that, Deb!  Several years ago I took a swig of water from a water bottle with a straw in it that had been on a desk overnight.  It bit me pretty good, but thankfully I didn't bite it like you did!  It took me days to get over the gross feeling of having one of those things in my mouth!  

Deb. said...

IT BIT YOU?!?! Wow.