12 July 2011

So Much for No Free Shows

Living in another culture is always an adventure.  Waking up in the morning, one is never sure what sort of I-can't-believe-that-just-happened-to-me moments are waiting just outside the front door.  No, I mean, literally on the front porch.

I just came home from work and there was a Granny waiting on my front porch for my house helper.  Apart from bonjour and merci, Granny only speaks Hausa.  We greeted one another and she started to tell me a story about something that happened at her house yesterday (I actually understood about 85%!).  Then my R. came out of my house (which was a surprise because she normally doesn't work Tuesdays) and asked if I was feeling better as she grabbed my arms to inspect my 'allergic dermatitis'.

'Wavka ldkajge rj iajj lkbj aeoijb kv lakj oig!!' Granny said.

'Oh really?' I replied.  I had no idea what she was talking about.

'Piqj q gkj ovisjkj jq;vlkj aklj goieqjb lkdsviajqlivjalkvj iqj kjoiweg kdsfjlkjwvokfj alkjvak vwillaj lkgajnaklsig wlvna lknfugbiqanv l;if fkd nglanlvinfubnvlk vlkjaks vknoia lkdfn kdfgoiejf sldkjfgpgoaij lksdflkjag opij.' She continued, and pointed to her arms.

At that point I had caught one word I understood, 'zahi' ('heat'), and assumed she was saying that she gets heat rash too.

Next thing I know she's gone from showing me the little microscopic bumps on her arms, to those on her back.  She just stripped off her shirt, right there, on my front stoop!!  Not knowing what to do with this now-half-nude-Granny on my step, I pointed to her back and said 'Wow, would you look at that . . . yup . . . sure enough . . . you've got it too . . . who would have thought . . . imagine . . . .'

I'm just thankful she put her top back on before heading home . . . I mean, we've got kids running around this compound!

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SM said...

Haha! Could you keep a straight face? :)