19 July 2011

A Night In

My company just left . . . and now I have a headache.

No, no, it's not what you think . . . my company didn't give me my headache . . . well, actually, they kind of did.  Our conversation at dinner tonight was in three languages.  That's right!  THREE!

English, French, and Hausa . . . or was that Haulish, Franglais, and Frausa . . . OY.
I was having two North American couples over for dinner and thought I'd invite the French-to-Hausa tutor I've been working with for the past week.  He in turn asked if he could bring me a friend.  So with the seven of us squeezed around my table there was plenty of jumbled conversation and crossing translations.  It was GREAT!!

Now where did I put that bottle of excedrin???

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