12 July 2011

Here, Ducky, Ducky

Yesterday was my first day back to work since my 'allergic reaction' (sounds much more public-knowlege-friendly than 'rash') got hyper-out-of-control last week.  Apart from Soho's BIG smile when I walked into the OR Bloc, the day was pretty typical . . . full of more only-in-Galmi crutch emergencies (including a crutch that was SNAPPED IN TWO!  I have no idea how that happened!).

But the highlight of my day came when I was asked to work with a little three-ish year old girl who came in for contracture releases of several fingers on her right hand, following neglected full thickness burns.  Coming straight from another new para, I was only armed with a jar of bubbles.

I walked into the room, she took one look at me and then glanced back at her mom as if to say 'Is this chick for real??'.  I pulled up a stool and sat down.  She climbed into her mother's lap.  I began blowing bubbles. She wasn't impressed.  I handed her the wand.  She stared at me.  I placed the wand between her thumb and index finger.  Nothing.  I blew the bubble.

This went on for a few rounds when she finally started dipping the wand in the jar herself.  But all efforts to get to try to blow a bubble failed.

'Ina zuwa' (I'm coming) I said as jumped up and ran to my office.  If bubbles wouldn't work, surely I had other toys . . . I mean, 'tools' . . . 'therapeutic tools.'

I returned equipped with an oatmeal-canister-turned-block-shape-sorting-toy and a little wooden toy duck . . . or maybe it's a chicken . . . that chirps (yeah, I guess ducks don't chirp) when it's held and twisted just the right way.

I started with the chick.

'Chirp chirp chirp' I twisted the base of the wooden toy.

Her eyes got big.  Yeah, she liked it.

'Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp.'

She grabbed for it.


I did a little hand-over-hand action to produce some chirping.

I let go.


A little more hand-over-hand chirpity-chirp.  When I let go, she lifted the bird to her lips and began to blow.

You can imagine the depth of her disappoint when the little yellow wooden birdie's head did not produce any bubbles!

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