09 July 2011


After a terribly boring week, trapped inside, drugged up on anti-humidity-enducing-weirdo-rash meds I have nothing . . . nada . . . rien . . . babu interesting or funny or self-deprecating to share.  But lucky for you, it's Friday . . . or at least it was 27 minutes ago.  Which means, Five Minute Friday!  Thank you, GypsyMama.

The rules are: 5 minutes.  No editing . . . just writing . . . for 5 minutes.  Today's topic: Grateful.


I wouldn't trade my life for anything.  Sure it has it's rough moments and it requires sacrifices . . . but it's worth it.  

More than that, I wouldn't trade the journey.  

When I think about 'grateful' and what it means to experience gratitude I find my cup overflowing.  There are too many names on the 'thank you' list to mention here.  Too many defining moments to describe them now.  But I am grateful.

Grateful for the experiences.  Grateful for the opportunities.  Grateful for the lessons.  Grateful for the grace.

None of which have ended . . . everyday is full.  And so I am grateful for tomorrow as much as I am for yesterday . . . grateful for the moments that define today, and each of you who has colored the landscape, and for the One who makes it all worth while.

(dang, 5 minutes always goes way faster than I expect!)


Anonymous said...

Girl after this week I am right there with you.
Grateful...but low on things to say.
Good writing.

Kristycho7 said...

a wonderful definition of gratitude is "cup overflowing." you caught it exactly!
I'm sorry for the rash-- sounds like a terribly sanctifying experience. Praying for relief, and that even this is for His glory!
Blessings, and many thanks for the kind words,

hyacynth said...

That's how I feel, too! My cup is overflowing with blessings and my heart with gratitude despite the hardships.

HOPEannFAITH said...

I too, find when I sit down for these five minutes that the list was long and full.  and I was full of deep thankfulness that God has provided all this, and shamed that I do not express this enough, I don't share it enough.
Thank you for your beautiful rendering of this prompt. I am blessed to have stopped by.

Shamrockheart79 said...

Grateful for you, Deborah, and for what God is doing in and through you as He covers you with His grace and mercy for each day.

Deb. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kristy!

And, yes, 'sanctifying'!! HA! I think that word just might sum up my life in Niger! :)

Deb. said...

. . . despite the hardships!! He is good to us!
Thanks for stopping by!

Deb. said...

Thank you! And thank you for reading . . . please come again!

Deb. said...

Thanks Chev! Miss you!

Betsy Cruz said...

Five Minute Fridays.  What a great idea.  I'm also making my list of 1000 Gifts.  Blessings to you from Turkey.  

Deb. said...

Thanks Betsy!!

aseedinspired.com said...

Girl after this week I am right there with you.
Grateful...but low on things to say.
Good writing.