06 July 2011

Freak of Nature

It's official.  I'm a FREAK OF NATURE!  I have spent the past two days holed away in my house under the AC and drugged up on something stronger than benedryl that has probably not been approved by the FDA.

I mentioned the other day that I have a crazy heat rash that has been brought on by the heat and humidity that will be with us until at least the end of September.  I am currently 1/3 strawberry . . . lathered in calamine lotion, using every ounce of self-control to not claw my skin off.

I'm happy to report that the dehumidifier of my AC and the pills are working . . . slowly.  A small portion of my left arm is back, and my chest is only pink instead of flaming red.

But the strange thing is, the moment humid air touches my skin, I pop right back into that Smucker's state.

No lie . . . THE MOMENT!!  Yesterday Alheri, the Great, stopped by to check on me, I met her in my kitchen (there's a curtain between my sauna of a kitchen and the dehumidified livingroom) . . . within seconds I could feel my skin raising.  Her eyes got big and she pushed me back into the AC.

You know that scene in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory . . . where Violet chews the gum and turns into a blueberry.  Yeah, that's me.  Only red.

Last night we had a ton of rain storms . . . which broke the humidity and lowered the temperature.  I was able to sleep with the windows open!!  It was LOVELY!  I woke up this morning to take more make-me-sleep-through-the-whole-day pills and the rash was completely gone from my chest and right arm and half of the left.  Around 10am I shot up from my drug-enduced-coma and ran to shut all the windows before crawling back into the dark hole of sleep.  My chest and arms were on fire!

To me, the weirdest part is that it's the humidity that's causing it . . . right now, it's 100F (~37C) . . . which is actually comfortable compared to the 120F it was in May & June.  So, I'm praying for rain . . . lots and lots of it, so that I can at least leave my house!


Vro_kramer said...

Dear Deb,

Well, I think the way You write about it is funny, but not the matter itself - I´m really interested to know how You are, yes; a heat rush is not cool, it´s a paradox in itself; wish I was there would not make a lot of sense in my personal case; and finally - quel dommage doesn´t quite fit as well - (one of the rare occassions I used my german french dictionary, by the way - the other occasion was to hit a big spider I met in  my bathroom.) But I´m very sorry indeed for Your skin rash and wish You full and quick recovery.

I really like Your style and Your blog.

See You,


Mamastouff said...

I think pictures might help us understand!! Just kidding!! Praying for  whatever you need to be able to get back to "normal"...

Deb. said...

You know, I really do need to get better at taking some of those 'before and after' shots! :)

Deb. said...

Veronika, I think you have discovered the most useful purpose for the dictionary! Come to think of it, I should probably hunt mine down and dust it off, as rainy season seems to bring out my eight-legged nemeses!!

See you at crêpes this morning!

Rachel_rooke said...

Wow!!!!  I know Iowa summers to be very hot and humid, so stiffling,  you would free oppressed the minute you step outside.  Then, in Japan, the humidity was very different, not heavy, but very wet. I could run my fingers down my arm and it would just be...moist!  Now, in California, it is blazing hot, but no humidity which of course means you just have to find shade to be comfortable.  I'm praying for you b/c this is quite an ordeal you must go through AND that the heat lasts for so LONG!  I hope the rains are coming right now!  

Deb. said...

Thanks Rachel!! Hope you're enjoying California!