05 June 2011

The Lost Art of Appreciation

Our Pediatrician, Dr. D., and family are leaving this coming week to return to the US.  At this point, they don't know if they will be coming back or not.  Tonight, we had a compound BarBQ as a last hoorah before many people split for the summer.  And since the S-Haus family isn't sure if they will be returning, we took some time to say thank-you and share special memories of the things we appreciate about each member of the family that has been working with us for the past two years.

Listening to my teammates say thank-you to this family that has given so much during their time in Galmi, I began to think 'Why don't we do this more often?'
The community of Believers are urged in the New Testament to encourage one another.  We are to build each other up and help each other keep going.

I found myself thinking 'Why are we saying these things only as they are leaving?  Surely they would have benefited from hearing this sooner!'  Why is it that, so often, I find myself to be appreciative of the people in my life, but I don't say it out loud??

So I've decided I need to be more expressive of my appreciation for others in the hope of encouraging.  (I'm going to restrict this post to the first 15 that come to mind . . . because I assure you, there are far more and we could be here all night):

  1. Momma: Thank you for taking care of all my little details on your side of the Atlantic.  Your sacrifice of 'letting me go' does not go unnoticed.
  2. §: I'm so glad we can talk about everything or nothing . . . even from far away.  You've been a true sister!
  3. The Inner Circle: Your faithful prayers are heard, and your timely emails are full of blessings.
  4. AuntieBarb: I appreciate the way you support my work in the hospital through your work on 'this side' of the compound fence.  Your words and gifts speak very loudly!
  5. BlackMarketM: It is such a blessing when you stop by just to say hello.
  6. Alheri: I love our extra-warm-up-time-before-water-aerobics chats.  They are like a breath of fresh air.
  7. The Sorority Sisters: Having you here lightens our load and brightens our days.
  8. The Coffee Klatch-ers: Finding one of your cards in my mailbox makes 'home' feel a little less far away.
  9. OTShal: I enjoy your comments and thank God for you every time I use some velcro.
  10. Franny: I appreciate every time you write, even if I don't write back.
  11. SMF & HS: I enjoy re-connecting with you after all these years . . . even if it's digital-long-distance.
  12. BJoy: Our Sunday afternoon coffees are not nearly as missed as our Sunday afternoon conversations.
  13. Our Galmi Surgeons: Your support makes my job easier.  Thank you.  (You do GREAT work!)
  14. Soho & M: I don't think I could handle the gore if I had to do it alone.  (And I'm so thankful that your eyes smile from behind the masks . . . they say a lot that doesn't get lost in translation!)
  15. JJ & EP: It's nice to have a little more estrogen in the Bloc these days!


Sherry Kuhrt said...

The Coffee Klatchers have peered into the screen of this computer to see and hear your life in Galmi.  Each word you've written is intensely held onto until smiles and laughter break out.  Know that you are prayed for many times each week.  We love you, we miss you in Speculator and we praise God for the mighty work He is doing through you.  Keep it up, Sweetheart......we're in your corner:)

Mamastouff said...

WOW! I just realized I was reading a blog post from tomorrow!! I love to read each one as it makes me feel close and like I 'm sitting right beside you. It is a highlight each evening as I settle in for the night and trying to re-group for the next day. Love you!

Shal said...

Prov. 16:24 - your words, not mine! :) I am so encouraged by your words, your life's example, your honesty and humor, and indeed so proud of our profession as you represent it. "How beautiful are the feet (and hands and face and heart) of those who bring good news..."

Deb. said...

Thank you!

Deb. said...

HA HA HA!!  Yup, that's right, I live in the future.  :)

Thank you for reading!  Thank you for praying!  All my love to the fam and the commgroup . . . my Sunday nights have never been the same!  Miss your fellowship!

Deb. said...

Thank you! 

I just realized yesterday that this is the first summer in the 28 years my family has been has been coming to Camp that I won't be up for at least a weekend.  When I think of a place to really call 'home' it is Speculator . . . it has been the place that is the most constant and we have so many family-like friends.  I'm sad that I can't be there this year.  Will be praying that it is a blessed summer!

Bethany Reamer said...

you warmed my heart =)  i'll always be thankful for those Sunday afternoon coffees... sometimes i go by myself, but it's not even close to the same.  miss you lots.  i'm grateful that friendship supersedes even oceans!

Deb. said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. This past Sunday I went to the Galmi Starbucks and it was TERRIBLE!! First off, we couldn't have a chat . . . but on top of it, the only coffee they had was Nescafé . . . there were no big comfy chairs . . . and the ambiance was definitely lacking! :)