02 June 2011


'Na jira! Na jira!' (I waited!) he whispered as we walked hand in hand down the hallway of WestWing.

I froze.

I turned and smiled, 'What did you say?'

'Na jira!' he whispered with a grin as big as his belly.

One of my favorite things about being an OT is that I get to witness miracles.  Okay, so maybe 'miracle' is stretching it a bit . . . but I can't come up with a better term.  And in my opinion, when a little boy who normally won't say word tells me that he was waiting for me, I have no choice, but to call it a miracle.

Granted he also peed on my office floor today . . . but hey, toileting is an Activity of Daily Living, anything to make 'Play Time' 'Occupational Therapy'!

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Shalini said...

Haha! So true!!!