24 May 2011

Treatment Updates

Since I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats and checking my blog every hour, on the hour, for an update on Little B. and the success of my airplane splint . . . I will ease your mind.

1.  Little B.  Still just as cute as ever!  Over the weekend I bought him some mango juice and stuck it in the fridge so it would be chilled when I gave it to him.  We do dressing changes in the morning, then he comes to my office in the afternoon and we play . . . I mean, do treatment . . . with theraputty, we blow bubbles, we scribble with chalk on the walls, and we toss balls.  It's great fun.

So I went to get him yesterday afternoon and his little face just lit right up!  He couldn't get out of his bed fast enough, and he was halfway down the hall, pulling me with him, before Granny had even stood up from where she was napping on a mat on the floor.  He rounded the corner into my office and immediately spotted the juice.  His eyes grew as big as his belly.  He looked up at me, hopeful.  'Akwai cadeau' (there's a gift') I said to him.  And for the first time in a month of treatment, he flashed me a great big smile!

I handed him the juice and he hugged it.  As his right arm embraced the carton, his left arm, still in it's extension splint, tried very hard (yet unsuccessfully) to join in the fun.

Once we were done playing . . . I mean . . . therapizing, he was on his way.  He clutched his liter of liquid mango and was out the door.  I'm pretty sure Granny had to wait until he was asleep to loose the carton from his grip!

2. Airplane Splint.  This morning when I walked past H.'s room my heart sank with disappointment.  Duct tape cannot do all.  Her shoulder was at about 45degrees of flexion, instead of 90.  I don't do math, but I know that's just not enough.  I think the problem wasn't actually the duct tape, but the SAM splint at her waist . . . next time I will make it double the height, so that it will be less likely to shift on her hip.  This afternoon two of the nurses helped me modify a few things and reposition her.  Hopefully the 90degrees will last at least until tonight.  But really, as long as the graft doesn't budge we'll be okay . . . she will just have to eat and sleep stretching for the next few weeks.

So there you have it.  Little B. smiles while my airplane crashes and burns.  What can I say, you win some and you lose some.

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