22 May 2011


Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, 'Wow!  I really miss rain.  I never thought I'd say something like that, but I do.  I miss it.  Even the sideways rain in Ohio.  And the cold slushy rain in New Jersey.  And the rain that moves across Lake Pleasant like a big sheet, from Turtle Mountain to Camp.  RAIN, TU ME MANQUES!'

This afternoon was I sitting on my living room floor (because I still have no furniture) doing a puzzle (wasting time as usual) when I realized the light in the room had gone from white to red.  I glanced out the window.  The sky was not it's usual the-color-of-warm-milk but was a rusty red.

My first thought, was 'OH MY GOODNESS!  THAT DUDE WAS RIGHT!'  (you know, that guy that predicted that the world would end today . . . at least I think it was today, or maybe yesterday, or is it tomorrow??  What do I know, I live at the south side of the Sahara, I get the news from my facebook feed.)

I jumped to my feet and peered at the red world outside.  It was AMAZING!  I grabbed my camera and some sunglasses and ran outside (no, it was not bright out . . . but the wind was starting and the Nigerien dust is not optically friendly!).

I lasted about five minutes before I could no longer stand the film of dirt clinging to my body, in my hair, along my teeth and up my nostrils.  I ran inside.

That's when the windstorm began.  It sounded like my metal roof was going to be ripped right off the house.  I was waiting for the crash when I would open the door and be with Dorothy and Toto in Oz.  The fact that my trees were not uprooted by the sheer force of the wind surprised me.

And all of this was before the rain.  After what felt to me like 20 minutes to half an hour of just wind (but I'm a horrible teller of time, mainly since it involves numbers.  I think if we told time in letters or shapes, I'd do much better) there was a light sprinkle of rain.  I shouted 'THANK YOU JESUS!' and then the flood gates opened.  It rained, and it rained hard!  It was BEAUTIFUL!

Afterwards there was mud, and puddles, and a break in the humidity.  I'm pretty sure it even dropped to 90F (32C)!  Which around here made me consider breaking out the gloves and scarf I came off the plane with when I left winter behind in February.  We even had a nice cool breeze for the next few hours.

I think I'm going to love rainy season!

The house next door.

The backyard of the house next door.

Galmi International Airport.
(Can you see the windsock on the left?)

The view from my living room window once the windstorm started.

(if you look closely in the reflection you can see me jumping for joy)

The most beautiful raindrops in all of the world!


Anne Dye said...

 Yay for your beautiful rain!! My family and I are missionaries to Italy and thought I would stop by and say hi! Not sure how I found your blog but I really enjoy reading the stories you share! 

It is so great to see what God is doing in other places!!

Heidibelle said...

 Oh how wonderful! We have had a few rains, quite a few actually, unusual for here. But we LOVE it also. And will NEVER tire of it. What a wonderful respite from the heat... I am so happy for you... and hope your rains increase 100 fold. :)

Deborah Berruti said...

 I woke up this morning and the path to my backyard is still soft!!!  I wanted to click my heels, but I was afraid I'd slip in the mud! :)

Deborah Berruti said...

Thanks for stopping by!  Where are you in Italy?  Before studying language in France I went with some friends to Tuscany and Cinca Terra (thank you Lord for EasyJet and RyanAir!) . . . both places were too beautiful to describe! 
May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

Bethany Reamer said...

 Yippee!!  You got some rain. =)  
(i miss you)

Deb. said...

Oh! Miss you too! And yes . . . RAIN!!!! I'm in a constant state of prayer that more will come at any moment.