11 May 2011


So I've been in Niamey since Friday, without internet (below are two adventures from my time there), to complete the process for my permis de séjour.  But since I had some extra time to spare, my friend B., who works with youth in a village not terribly far from the capital, put me on the back of her motorcycle, with her point-and-shoot camera and asked me to document the circles we made around the city.

This is by far not my best work . . . but since this is one of those places you have to see to believe, I thought you might enjoy a little visual aid of what our world looks like from this angle.  (And no, don't worry about running to the optometrist . . . your prescription is FINE, some of the photos are just that blurry!)

This oil truck broke down in the middle of a roundabout.

So the driver tried to change it's tire . . . we passed by about an hour later,
he was still there.

Guinea fowl for sale alongside of the road.

Just another busy street near the Petite Marché

I'm pretty sure those are paraffin stoves piled up in the back.
Since Raymor & Flannigan haven't yet made it to Niger.

All forms of transportation can be found in the big city.

This is a normal street corner.
And so is this one.

Women transport sand in bowls.

And they demanded a cadeau for having their photo taken.

Our local Foot Locker.
And this would be Victoria's Secret and The Children's Place.

A shot of the busy streets in front of the Grande Marché

This would have been an AMAZING shot if it had been in focus!

The produce section.

Construction, Nigerien style.  

I have yet to see a real garbage truck.

Guess this guys camel needed a tune-up.
I think this was a generator they were trying to squeeze into the back of
the car.  I love the camel passing by.

Just to highlight the many forms of transportation.

I just liked this shot.

Typical busy street.  Gotta love the sandy sidewalks.

Kids playing near the road.

A man pushes a cart of water jugs on the road.
A local barber.

This man is PUSHING 100kg sacks of grain on a cart
over the bridge!

The donkey cart . . . one of SIM's greatest contributions to Niger!

Kids swim and play in the Niger River (with a sign in the background
warning about the dangers of hippos . . . thankfully that's one type of bite
we don't treat in Galmi).

A broom vendor walks down the street.

Cement tiles for sale on the roadside.

Modes of transportation. 
A little proof that I really was there.


Bethany Reamer said...

i remember you joking about getting into traffic jams with camels... and i thought you were joking!
and have you seen a hippo up close yet??

Kari said...

These photos are GREAT! The last one might be my favorite. :)

Kari said...

These photos are GREAT! The last one might be my favorite. :)