03 May 2011

Adventures in WheelChair Building: Part 2

I was in my office today with a hand therapy outpatient, when Granny walked past my door with R. tied on her back.  I wasn't expecting to see them, but they were here for a check up with the pediatrician, and thought they'd stop in just to say hello.

You will remember that we are modifying a wheelchair for R. because Granny can barely carry her anymore.  Well, we are still waiting for bike tires . . . and I'm going to have to do something about the foot rest . . . and get her a cushion for the seat . . . and make a chest strap to make sure she doesn't pop out as they 'offroading' to get home, but it's just about there!  Not too shabby for my first effort (okay, so I can't take ALL the credit . . . M. is a carpenter and welder and plumber and sort of Jack-of-all-trades . . . well, here that'd be Abdu-of-all-trades . . . he actually did all the work . . . I just sort of consulted on the project).

Needless to say Granny is thankful.  We'll see how the ultimate final product comes out, once we get the last details . . . hopefully it will be ready for her next appointment in two weeks.

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Andriaswanson said...

Pretty sweet wheels! It looks awesome for a prototype!