25 April 2011

Top 10 Ways to Break a Sweat in Galmi

Apart from the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet, I've never been a big sweater.  Then I moved to Niger and discovered that I do, in fact, have functioning sweat glands.

Last night around 3 the power went off for about an hour and a half . . . which meant no fans!  I woke up so drenched that at first I thought maybe I had wet the bed, and then (much to my relief) I realized my pillow was just as wet as everything else.

So I got to thinking about all the simple ways in my new life here that I end up as gross as a high school football player on two-a-days.  Here they are, the Top 10 (Easiest) Ways to Break a Sweat in Galmi:

10.  Washing dishes.
9.  Reading The Very Worst Missionary's latest post, feeling reassured that I am not the very worst.
8.  Typing a new blog post.
7.  Editing an old blog post.
6.  Making Tabouleh.
5.  Looking at other people's pictures on facebook.
4.  Reading a book.
3.  Brushing my teeth with an electric toothbrush.
2.  Checking my email.
1.  Sleeping.

Yup!  It's just that hot!

I used to have to take an hour long spinning class to break a sweat . . . now, I'm sweating in places I didn't even know I had glands!  So much for smelling like a lady.  I guess I'll never be a southern belle now!

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Loretta said...

Lol!!! It's been a while since I have had a good laugh... but you did it again! I really enjoy how you write. This article just makes me say: I love you sis' :)