04 April 2011

Scratch and Sniff

Last week I was treating some patients in the OR block and a very scared 9 year old little girl was brought in for a cast.  I didn't get the whole story, but it involved a motor cycle, a collision, a broken leg and an eye swollen shut.

She was terrified as I casted her leg, but by the end we were pals.  Over the week I'd chat with her by name when rounding with the docs and she'd smile at me and giggle and that was that.

Well, today I got an order for crutch training as they want to send her home.  I found my smallest pair of crutches and prayed they'd fit.  And they did.  And she got the concept of non-weightbearing on the side with the cast.  And she managed the coordination of the crutches.  It was great!  My biggest success story of the day.

As I was lifting her up to get her back into bed, she turned and peered at me with her right eye (the left eye lid is still the size of a golf ball).  She picked up my hand and began examining it.  She started playing with my fingers and pulling on them as if she had never seen fingers before.

Then, she began scratching the back of my hand as if trying to chip off paint.  I started to laugh.  'Yup, it's really that color.  It doesn't peel off.'  A family member who speaks some French translated for her.  'Why is your skin like this?' she asked.  'God made me this way.'  'Why?' she responded in shock, as roaring laughter from the onlookers filled the room.

Today's fabric sightings: clocks, rolls of toilet paper (no lie!), rings of keys, pumps (you know, high heels . . . complete with calves . . . scandalous!), windows (complete with flower boxes), and dart boards.

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Linda said...

I sure am enjoying your stories!