18 April 2011

Don't Worry! I'm Beautiful Again!

Behind the hospital is the CREN (the nutritional reeducation center for malnourished babies) and the ACU (ambulatory care unit).  The ACU is for patients that aren't sick enough to be hospitalized anymore but still need some level of care, such as dressing changes, but live too far away to come back once or twice a day.

So I was out there doing crutch training with a patient, when some of my hair fell into my face.  I pushed it behind my ear without thinking.

It happened again.  And, again, without thinking, I pushed it behind my ear.

'That's funny' I said to myself, 'that never happ--'  and that's when I realized that I had returned to work this afternoon without my head covering!  I had already seen a patient in the hospital and had gone to my office several times and had been down to the workshop.  I felt like people were looking at me a little funny, but they always look at me a little funny.

I looked at my patient and her mother and said 'Babu calibi' (no head covering).  They smiled and giggled. I finished and made my up to the outpatient department to see if anyone had an extra.  There were none to be found.

I popped into the OB/general med room and the translator and Nigerien doctor noticed right away that I was missing something.  The translator handed me a paper surgical hat and told me to put it on, I mean, you wouldn't show up to work without your pants on, would you??

I put in on and tied the strings in the back.

'Ah' he said, 'now you are beautiful again!'


Bobnrobn said...

Debo CQ....you are beyoootiful with or without your head covered!

Deborah Berruti said...

You're my mom . . . you HAVE to say that! :) (love you!)

Sarah Fountain said...

Think of it this way: how nice to live in a culture that equates modesty with beauty!

Ryniakg said...

Deb. I am not your mother and I say you are beautiful.